Understanding the True Costs of Congestion

Sitting stuck in traffic is an inconvenience for all of us, but its impacts on the nation’s supply chain are magnified even more when you factor in missed deliveries, Hours-of-Service constraints, and its effect on the industry’s ability to recruit and retain drivers.  American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) President Rebecca Brewster will discuss what those costs are and how we can navigate through the congestion. (Originally aired: 1-31-18)

Creating a Driver Brand

With the average age of drivers going higher & higher, today’s trucking company needs a game plan. This webinar provides a proven process on how to recruit & retain your next generation of drivers. Our presenters share real world examples that are increasing their recruiting pipelines. This presentation will help your recruiting efforts, whether you need 5 or 500 new drivers. (Originally aired: 11-29-17)

Domestic Dangers

Featuring FBI Management and Program Analyst David Centofante, this session focuses on home-grown domestic threats. Mr. Centofante discusses lone-wolf terrorists:  what they are, how they are inspired, and what trucking companies (particularly tank truck carriers) can do to spot them and neutralize them before they strike or infiltrate a business.  (Originally aired: 10-26-17)

Fortified Firms

TSA’s primary responsibility for security includes coordination & collaboration with the trucking industry.  Along with its government partners, TSA provides intelligence-driven and risk-based policies & guidance to the industry – as well as mitigation strategies to enhance security. This webinar focuses on commercial vehicle ramming attacks – indicators you should be aware of, & best practices that can be implemented to reduce your risk. (Originally aired: 9-20-17)

Dangerous Drivers

This webinar includes a threat briefing by Troy D. Lowe, TSA's Highway and Motor Carrier intelligence analyst, who will discuss current attacks against the highway community, trends & tactics of terror groups abroad, & future outlook. Prasad Sharma and David Robinson from the Scopelitis law firm will discuss background screening of drivers, what to consider screening for to reduce risks, and how to navigate potential legal traps. (Originally aired: 8-30-17)